Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stepping out and starting over

Flashback about 12 years ago…

They wheeled me down into the lobby – the steel pressing into my back. After 6 months of poking and prodding, they told me it was time to go home. My colon was gone – my life changed forever, and now it was time to start over?*!# I wish I could describe it more clearly – the feeling of gut wrenching fear – the anxiety that rushed through my body. Ever felt that? You get used to things being one way and now all the tables are twisted. All these questions start to run through your mind. Your heart starts to jump out your chest. And then the temptations set in. You don’t want to get out of bed. Your start hearing voices of doubt. And this is your brand new beginning? But then one day you’re faced with a choice: you can keep feeling down in the dumps OR you can get up, get out and do something. For me, it started with an intervention – with the ball being placed in my court. So what about you? Of course it’s a long road ahead, but how about you take the first step!


  1. Hi Keisha,
    Wow! You have an inspiring story. For me, it was having to retire due to disability 11 years ago, followed by years of mind blowing pain and crazy-making narcolepsy. Enter medication to take care of both and I can now function quite well. I decided to become a life coach and got trained. I put out my shingle and website and here I am.
    -Nanette Saucier

  2. Nanette. So glad to be connecting with you. You too have a powerful story. It's never easy, but what a gift to come out on the other side - step-by-step; day-by day ;)