Monday, June 13, 2011 all about expression

Simple enough, right? Just wake up, go out there and shine. No matter how blah or resistant you feel, simply dig in your heels and keep going. Easy, right? Nothing to it? No reason that you can’t make it happen … right? So why are you still standing there? Why are your feet stuck in neutral?

Let’s run through a few quick scenarios:

1. I plan to go out there and get it. I just need to figure out how.

2. I don’t have the strength to keep going. I've been through enough crap already.

3. This problem is too big for me. I don’t have the power the change it.

4. I’m just not supposed to be happy. At least not right now in this moment.

5. I feel like I just don't belong. Everyone seems like they're doing it better.

6. I just feel so lost and confused. It’s easier to hide in a corner.

7. Everything will change if I do it. I don’t want to face the unknown.

Ok, that’s enough. Are any of these thoughts ringing true? Do you feel them as you stand there in silence? Well let’s journey back for a second.

Starting with 1 …

1. OK, so you’re thinking about it, but how close are you now to paralysis (by analysis)? What would change if you just started moving – if you just took a leap and jumped in? Instead of focusing of what you should do, maybe it's time to just BE - brave, bold, courageous. Get out there and start to discover.

2. A long journey can make you exhausted, but at times it is just the beginning – intense training just before the big race. So where can you plug yourself in? What can help you to recharge your energy? Prayer? Exercise? Calling up a positive friend? What fuel can you use to get motivated?

3. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming – like two thousand pound weights on your shoulders. So how can you lighten your load? What can you do to chip at it? Nothing huge – a slight rev to set your wheels back in motion.

4. Your happiness is all up to you. It's not about having the best but embracing what you already have, including the choice to be happy.

5. Perhaps someone IS doing it better. But why is that holding you back? Be inspired by the trail that they're blazing. Then take a deep breath and start running your race.

6. There’s nothing in the corner but darkness – all the bad thoughts you have in your head. While it may start to feel warm and cozy, it eventually swallows you whole.

7. Ok so you and your world just might change, but why does that have to be bad? You may not know what’s going to happen but please know that you do have a choice: you can raise up your voice and make music or keep feeling like your life is on mute.

No matter how you may choose to look at it, your expression will determine your path. You can wait for your life to start happening or splash color to create your own light!

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