Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maybe the problem..and solution is YOU!

You’ve talked about the time…the money…the effort. But now let’s look at the real reason:
you’re scared to death out of your mind. You’re worried that you just won’t succeed or that success will erase who you are. And so you assume the position – neck up, tilt south: you promptly stick your head in the sand.

While you’re down there your mind feels constricted. It’s tight and your body can't move – you feel like you’re trapped in a dungeon. Your outlook turns bleak, depression sets in – all hope seems to fade into darkness. You ask yourself: ‘why this is happening?’ ‘Why is everyone moving faster than me? ‘ You’re convinced it’s a big ole conspiracy. There’s a party and you just weren’t invited. All of this with your head in the sand. Somehow you don’t see it. Somehow you keep sinking. You’re like the scarecrow from the movie “The Wiz” surrounded by a mean flock of crows - your arms loosely wound in a harness. So what’s keeping you from getting YOU down? What’s got you down there with your head in the sand? Better yet, what would happen if you just made a move – nothing drastic – just got out there to test the waters a bit? Of course it’ll be cold at first. But give it some time to warm up. Start with your toes, then your heels, then your feet. Then take a big leap to the wall. What would that feel like? How would it feel to make the call - To go out there and make some connections? How would it feel to say yes just this once? You’re not too busy. It’s not too hard. You’ll find a way to work out the money. How would it feel just to give it a try? To step out there and consider the truth: 'Yes I’m scared out of my mind, but today I'm going to take back my power. Today I have the strength to acknowledge that the problem I've been facing is ME! I have everything I need to move forward. All that's left now is to get out my way!'

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