Thursday, June 30, 2011


Here's a quick mid-day relaxation exercise...


How would it feel if you just took a second? - a few moments to relax and let go? Releasing the strain in your shoulders - just enjoy where you're standing (or sitting) right now (if it's hectic, walk away for a moment). Empty all the thoughts in your mind. Take in a deep breath and exhale. Let it all out: the noise, the stress, the anxiety. Let it all flow like air through your fingers. Now allow yourself to build up a smile – ear to ear, lip to nose - a smile for each gift you've been given. Imagine a place where your heart can do cartwheels - a place to let out a big 'haaaaaaaaaaa'. Let your body and your mind fill with energy. Feel the wind as it rests on your shoulders … And now let me ask you a question: what’ll be different because you were born? What passion are you holding inside? What’s keeping you from letting it out? What connections could you be out there making? What steps could you take to be better...for you and the people around you?

From this moment … In this space, it’s time to move from “I can’t” to “It's Possible” It’s time to embrace and acknowledge your power. No matter how high the obstacle is, you have the wings that you need to take flight. Be bold. Be different. Be a gift to the people around you. Be the person that you know YOU to be! Today is your giant step forward.

Here's to enjoying your journey ;o)

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