Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Learning to celebrate you

I’m sure we’ve all been there. You clean up the house. You wash all the dishes. You pick up some clothes from the floor … And then you catch a glimpse of yourself. Your hair is all out of place. Your eyes are only half open, but still you have errands to run. For a second you stop and you sigh, wondering how all of this happened. You flash back to when things were different – when you used to take care of yourself - when your appearance was still “put together”.

This happens to us all the time. There’s so much you‘re doing for others, that you forget to do something for you. So the question is: how can you change that? What’s one thing that you could start doing? Painting your nails late on Friday? Buying a new scented lotion? What little ways can you celebrate you? Next time you see a window filled with flowers, what’s stopping you from going inside? Next time you stop to get groceries, what’s keeping you from that bar of dark chocolate? You’re beautiful. You’re amazing. You deserve it. Now go out there and celebrate you!

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