Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Taking a moment to listen

Whenever you’re going through something, that’s when people come with the knowledge. You need to do this. You shouldn’t do that. We’re saying this because we all love you. Fun isn’t it? You wish it was happening now. OK maybe not. Maybe it’s annoying as hell. You could use a little less of their love. But it’s not easy is it? You love them. You know they’re seeing something. But you’re wondering how you really feel. How do you want to move forward? Maybe you have some idea, but somehow their voices get louder and sometimes you start to act out. You refuse to do what they tell you. You refuse to let them all win. But take a step back for a minute. If everyone’s saying it, then what do they see? What do you see that is different? In the end it will be your decision, but what perspective are they coming from? Sit with it for a second. Listen to what they are saying - then see how it feels for yourself? How does it match up with your values? How could it be of benefit to you? Maybe it’s just their opinion but maybe it’s a reflection of you.

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