Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who are you being right now?

If you’re like me you have a few personalities. On Monday you’re the nice quiet type. On Tuesday you’re a pit bull in heels. No matter how much you try to predict it, there’s no telling who’s going to show up. The question is: who are you being right now? Do you see life as a lesson you’re learning or a conspiracy to keep you pissed off? Have you decided to let fear make you over or are you ready to get out there and try?

So often we declare what we want but ignore who we need to become. Maybe you want to be healthy. Maybe you want to find love. But who are you being to get there? In what ways can you change your perspective? I thought about this a lot when I was in and out of the hospital. I thought about the words I was using. I could have chosen to say I was helpless – that my soul and my body were weak. To be honest, I did have those moments. But that’s why I felt how I felt. On the days when I said I was sick, that’s exactly how my body reacted. On the days that I said I felt joy, a new strength would build up deep inside me. It’s funny how all of that happens – how we feel based on who we are being.

Think about it. Think about who you’re being right now. Are you angry? Are you happy? Are you hopeful and filled with new promise? How does that affect how you’re feeling? How can who you're being turn your darkness to light?

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