Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creating your “village”

Raising children = needing a village. The question is: what does it take to raise us? What about when your world’s caving in – when the answers seem totally hidden? Who are the people you call on? Who is it that helps keep you moving? This can be a difficult question. If you’re lucky you may have your family – your small but tight circle of friends. But think about the people outside that. What about work? What about times you need special advice? Who do you reach out to then? Just think about it for a second. Look at the different areas of your life. Who are the people who bring it full circle: when you need to laugh, when you just need a moment to cry, when you need to go out and have fun, when your life is thrown all out of whack … Who is it that lives in your village? Take a look at yourself for a moment. Do you live in a world that uplifts you?

Who are you right now, in this very moment? What network do you have to support that? If you can’t think of one, what can you do to go build one? How can you add on to what you have now? If you’re starting a business, who are you talking to who’s starting one too or who’s had one for awhile? If you just became a parent, where can you find fellow parents? If you’re a caregiver, have you reached out to find some support – even if it’s outlets for laughter? Your old network is probably great, but maybe it’s time for expansion. If you’re trying to eat healthy, hook up with some healthy eaters – maybe you could swap a few recipes. If you just retired (or find yourself thinking about it), reach out and find others who’ve done it. Take some new steps to build your own village. These are the people who you will come home to - the people who will help raise you up!

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