Sunday, April 10, 2011

Creative and expressive brainstorming

Feeling stuck? Well it's time to get you out of your box!

Here's 10 creative ways to get started:

1. Play a little dress up. Imagine you are one of your friends, a parent, a mentor - your favorite celebrity - someone who you've always admired. Imagine that you have their strength, their vision, their sense of fearlessness. (Funny thing is you probably do!) Using their qualities, how would you approach your dilemma?

2. Get out some paper and write. Then keep writing. Try not to censor yourself. Don't think about what you can't do. Don't decide what you think is impossible. Just keep writing. If it helps, put on some music - anything to keep you happy and open. Remember, it's not about making it perfect - it's all about getting it out. After about 20 minutes, stop and put your list away. Go for a walk or take a long bath. Don't go back to your list. Just let it all seep in. The next day, go back to your list and circle a few possibilities. Then from there you can start taking action.

3. Imagine yourself one year from now. Your challenges are gone. The road you have before you is clear. Where do you see yourself being? Who are the people around you? What does it feel like? What does it look like? Take in the sights and the sounds. It's your very own canvas to fill. What do you think happened to get you to where you are?

4. Try vision boarding. This is all about getting creative. Break out the poster board, some glue, some magazines - whatever your mind can imagine. The idea is to get re-inspired. Cut out pictures, words, phrases - whatever starts to jump out at you. Without thinking, put it all on your board, but don't glue it down. Once it's there, it's time to start thinking. What do you want to keep? What do you want to take off? Remember, this vision is about your new future - about the inspiration you will need to take action.

5. Break out the music. It’s time to pick out your new theme song - something that speaks to your brand new beginning. As you listen, jot down what comes to your mind. If you don't connect as much to words, pull out some crayons or a paint brush. Draw what you're feeling inside. Once you’re done, put it in a place you can see it. Let it remind you of who you can be.

6. Confront the monster that lives in your head. Try to your best to draw out its voice - reveal the critic who keeps saying you can't. What does he or she look like - sound like - feel like? Create something that reminds you of him/her. Give him/her a name - some characteristics. Then in front of somebody (or a few people) have a coming out party. Introduce your monster to them. Tell them how he/she makes you feel. The ways he/she is holding you back. Then decide that it's time for goodbye. Let your monster go. Tell him/her you don’t need their protection. Then take a moment to introduce who you are, starting today...!

7. Try on a few different outfits. Sometime we need to feel it. We need to experience what it would be like. So if you've been thinking of doing something, go do it. Call up somebody who's doing it. Shadow them for a day. Ask them some questions. Allow them to share their experience. Then consider how this would fit in your life. Find out the things that you may need to learn. Try it on for a minute. Feel what it would be like to be there - the parts that you like or don't like. Then decide if it's the right fit for you.

8. Fill the gaps. You're in the middle of point A and point B, but something seems to be in your way. Stop for a minute. Figure out what it is. Is something worrying you? Is there a challenge that you just can't get pass? Try your very best to be honest. What would happen if you broke through your barrier?

9. Get a group together. Two or three heads can be better than one. Get the creative minds flowing. What are the possibilities? What approaches could you try to embrace? Where can you find some support? What resources could you use to move forward?

10. Click your heels three times. Consider the resources you have (verses don't have). Try your best to let go of the problems. Maybe they are what's holding you back - not because they aren't real, but because they blind you from finding solutions. Try your best to stay positive and if you can't go kick rocks with a smile.

Again, these tips are just a start - a trigger to help get you going. Once your possibilities are open, the next step is to have a target, refine your focus and start thinking about setting some goals. In the end, the most important thing is your own commitment. Without that, solutions are merely ideas!

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