Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring is in the air - clothes are on the ground

So it’s springtime again. The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. The air settles soft on your skin … But somehow your life’s out of order: paper all over the place, a million and one things to do. You want to find ways to replenish. But the question is where do you start?

Just thought I'd share a few thoughts:

1. Get up and go find your purse. More than likely it’s filled with old “stuff”. Old lipsticks, old letters, old post-its of things left “to do”. Dump it all out. Yes even the crumbs from last Wednesday. Figure out what you really need in there and put the rest where you think it belongs.

2. Make up your bed in the morning. I know it sounds crazy, but this can make a whole world of difference. Consider it your self-declaration. No matter what kind of drama goes down, you started your day with some order and no one can take that from you (unless you have a dog that likes pillows ;)

3. Take a weekend to clean up your house. If you have children then put them to work. Give everyone their own special project. Put on some ‘ooh-work-is-fun’ music – trick yourself into enjoying it. One small caveat: if the thought of this seems overwhelming, take it one step at a time. Start with a room…a closet…a drawer. Create rewards as you start to make progress.

4. Call up a friend to come help you. You probably have resources out there; it’s just that your vision is blurred. Instead of thinking of holes in the fabric, think about ways you can mend and repair.

5. Stop. Not forever, just for right now. Go make yourself a cup of tea, a drink of wine, a scoop of ice cream. Give yourself time to refresh. If you’re running a marathon, you’re going to get tired. But that’s what rest stations are for.

6. Allow yourself to move on. Winter is about to be over. How will you start off your spring? Will you hold on to toxic relationships or find new ones to feed and uplift you? Will you beat yourself over the head or give yourself credit for trying? Will you continue to embrace your old baggage or find new ways to lighten your load? If you know what you need, then go get it. Stop convincing yourself it’s impossible! That’s one thing about being a woman: you were born to make miracles happen.

7. Clean out your emotional closet. Go outside and yell your head off. Come back in and laugh ‘til you cry. If you’re feeling unbalanced, address it. Consider what’s really important. Maybe you’re doing something you love, but why and how much are you doing it? Take a good look at yourself and your family. What energy are you putting out there? Are you angry? Are you filled with resentment or guilt? Is there something that you feel may be missing? If you are – if it is – then be honest about it. Tell the people you love how you’re feeling but ask them how they’re feeling too. They may be willing to help you. But they may be frustrated too. The only way to start shedding clutter is to get to the root of what’s wrong… what’s right…and what can be done to make progress.

8. Take it slow and easy. Get up. Put one foot in front of the other. Notice the footprints you’re leaving but focus more on the journey ahead.

9. Flip your complaints into actions. Instead of just sitting down and complaining, explore possibilities of what you could do. Instead of saying that you need help, ask yourself how you can get some. Instead of saying how tired you are, explore new ways to get re-inspired. Set a plan of action. Tell people what you want to accomplish. Convince yourself that there is an answer.

10. Stop thinking so hard and have fun. Get out there. Let all of the extra weight go. In the end chaos reflects how we feel. If you want to get things back in order get out there and be what you say you've been wanting!

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