Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From stress to empowerment: The true art of using your power

At nighttime our minds start to chatter. We toss and we turn - we feel anxious. We think of things that we didn't get done - things that keep weighing us down. The clock ticks. The sun sets; and by now it's almost 1 in the morning. This is especially fun for my husband, unless he says something that can help calm me down. Well the other night that's exactly what happened. He reminded me of what I make possible - all the strength and the talents I have. He called it my super power (did I mention we have a 9 year old son). Suddenly my mind opened up, but this time in a whole different way. I started to imagine my power: things that make me into who I am - ways I have helped other people - the qualities that I've always admired. I was like the hero who had to focus her energy. At first I'd knock down a few cans. But eventually I would learn how to fly. All at once, I realized that I had these abilities and that I had the power to focus and use them. I had the ability to create my own peace. Tomorrow might be a great day. It might be not so great, but if I embrace and refocus my power, everything will fall into place, even when the day's less than perfect.

Think about it for a moment. What would happen if you closed your eyes and imagined the powers you have? What are the qualities that make you unique? What are the things that help you to weather your storms? Who are the other heroes and sidekicks around you? If it makes you happy, throw on a red cape - whatever creates the strongest image. With these powers, imagine that nothing and noone can defeat you. No one can stand in your way. You are larger than life. You are stronger than ever. Imagine it. Breathe it. Embrace it. Draw it with ink in your mind. Then, take that power and lay down on your pillow. Tomorrow's going to be a big day!

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