Friday, April 29, 2011

Exploring the handbag mentality

So the other day my husband leaves for work. Phone – check. Wallet – check. Keys – check. He’s ready to head out the door. The whole thing's amazing to me. You can’t even tell that he's leaving. Me, on the other hand: keys, phone, jacket, sweater in purse, makeup bag, book for the train, letter I’ve been meaning to mail, a pair of shoes just in case, lotion for if my hands get dry, an extra purse just in case. You would think I was leaving forever. But it made me think. I mean to me I’m just being efficient but to my shoulder it’s a weight on my side. How does this translate to life? Think about the baggage you carry. What if this happens? What if that something goes wrong? What if I don’t have enough? What if I’m just not prepared? Think about it. Think about the weight that it puts on your shoulders. Of course anything and everything is possible but how often do you weigh yourself down? What's the cost of the burdens you carry? It’s true that we’re natural caregivers but how heavy are we making our load? No our lives are not easy. No the answers aren’t always apparent, but what things do you choose to throw in? And what things can you leave at the door?

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