Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You have to do more than just want it

You wanted it. You hoped for it. You crossed all our fingers sideways. So why is it that it didn’t happen? How is it that you did it wrong? These questions seem terribly reasonable, but still the true factor remains: what did you do besides want it? Maybe you stepped out there. Maybe you expressed your desire. But how much did you actually do? Did you have a plan? Did you come up with brand new approaches? Did you try and then fail – then get up? Did you practice, then get tired – then heal? Think about your favorite athlete – someone at the top of their game. Of course they want to win. Of course they expect to get better. But what do they do in the meantime? How early do they wake up? How often do they practice? How fast do they get up right after they lose? Every day they do more than just want it. They build a team around themselves. They find new ways when old ways subside. They get rest when their bodies are weary. They celebrate when they have a new victory. They refocus whenever they fail. How is this different from you? How do you work to condition yourself? You say you want it. You say you need it. But what are you doing to get it? How are you building, yet pacing yourself?

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