Monday, April 11, 2011

Just keep moving!

It's hard not to give up sometimes. No matter what you try, you can't get it right. You start feeling like it's not meant to be. The more time that passes, the more difficult it is to keep going. It's hard to erase all the voices: the people who keep saying you can't, the chattering of fear in your mind. At this point success seems elusive. So what now? Do you stay in bed under the covers? Perhaps you'll try crossing your fingers.

Not too long ago I saw this movie "Meet the Robinsons". It started out like most kids movies do - silly, slightly suggestive, 10 things going on all at once. But this one had a really great message - "Just keep moving". The kid the story's centered around doesn't have the best string of luck. But through a series of unlikely events, he gets a glimpse into his future. Turns out he's this amazing scientist well-regarded by the people around him. Of course it wasn't always this way. On the surface, he has all these ingenius inventions, but this is after years of his ideas blowing up. Yet through all of the challenges he faced, he told himself to just keep moving. It ended up becoming his motto.

It's funny how a lesson can hit you - sitting in a movie with husband and my son, I managed to get re-inspired. When I want to stop, I just think of that motto. Sure a few ideas may blow up in my face, but if I Just Keep Moving, I can truly change the course of my future.

And if I can, if he could, why can't you?

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