Thursday, April 21, 2011

So when does it start being easy?

As women we are full of ambition. We always want the best for our families. We try to do the best for ourselves. At times, it isn’t easy. But still we continue to strive. We often make difficult choices, but we do it with our head to the sky. So when does it stop being hard? When do things start to shift and slow down? I think about this a lot. In fact, I just had a conversation about it: all the bills that keep coming – all the emergencies that keep popping up. You start to ask yourself, "What’s going on?" But today, my sister shared something with me – something that her husband asked her, when she questioned why things are so hard: “When's the last time you took the easy road?” Think about it. Think about what you choose in life. Think about the things that you choose to take on – taking care of your kids, caring for your parents as they get older, climbing the ranks in your job – maybe even starting a company. How often do you choose the easy road? How often do you say “I can’t do this” (and actually stop and not do it ;). Yes sometimes we question ourselves. Of course we have moments of doubt, but for the most part we make some tough choices, but we make them because they’re important. We want our kids to have opportunities - we want to be happy at work (and make money). We want to have brand new experiences. Even if it means sacrificing, we want the best for ourselves and our family.

This is all a part of our makeup. We are strong and resourceful. We are caring and creative, and compassionate. And no, none of that makes anything easy. In fact it makes it quite hard. But in the end it’s a choice that we’ve made. It’s the choice of being an ambitious and talented woman. And that's something that we can be proud of!

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